Back in Phillipians Back to Nicaragua

I watched the sun rise in a plane this morning heading to Nicaragua. A while back I posted about an opportunity I have to go with an organization called Willing To Go.

Introverts, Have An Honest Look In The Mirror

Let’s address our personalities and one of the lies -will, really a half truth- we have bought. This is one of the many lies that keep us from our calling. This is one of the things we let the Enemy, the World, and the Flesh all whisper in our ear when we have a long, hard look in the mirror.

Baby Bump Sins And Unforgiveness

What if the consequence of your sins resulted in a baby bump? I’m talking about the little sins that we don’t even consider sins. I’m talking about gossip. I’m talking about lying. I’m talking about deep, secret sins that no one knows about. I’m talking about unforgiveness, jealousy, bitterness. What if instead of being able justify these things or keep them private, they were there for all the world to see. What if we carried around a big, ole’ baby bump?

That Face Though: Decoding Calling

The great secret of the call may be that there is no secret at all. God just may have designed you and I to respond on a very primal level to the things He’s given and gifted us to accomplish for His glory.

4 Bible Hopes In Which You May Rejoice

Today in Phillipians 1, we will cover a larger section, verses 12-20. Paul has moved from his prayer to informing the Philippians of the overwhelming joy despite his imprisonment.

Joy to the World

One of my favorite hymns is “Joy to the World”. Why it is saved for the end of the year, every year, I have no idea. We should sing about the coming of Christ every day of our lives! Despite my disdain for that aspect of the tradition, here is our homage to finally getting to sing it.

Presence: The Forgotten Role Of Intercession In Corporate Worship

Strange Noises Is the worse sound you’ve ever heard an annoying screech? For some it may be much worse, a trigger for anxiety. What if you and your children related church gatherings with bloodcurdling screams? This is kind of how Old Testament Jews walked away from their “services”. The screams, bleats and coos, from their…

Pentecost: Myths About Intercession (Part 5)

It seems like every other month there are new books released about the “latest super secrets” of spiritual warfare. You might see titles like The 14 Secrets To Unlocking The 7 Demonic Doors You Never Knew You Opened. That’s a bit exaggerated, but sadly, not much. These “teachings” are usually replete with new terminology and…