Nicaragua 2016 Report: The Island

Over the next month I am preparing to go again to Nicaragua with a Willing To Go team from January 25 – February 2. You’ve helped with both of these trips. Here is one of a few stories of how God blew my mind on the 2016 trip. If you would like to recieve newsletters like this one in the future click the link at the top of the article.

Willing To Go: To Nicaragua

I have shared this story on social media via a YouCaring page. Here’s a quick video. I wanted to bring this news to the blogosphere with a little more information.

Redeeming Resolutions: Talents

We’ve talked about how ever area should bespent unto God for His glory. What is there method payment? Rest assured; it will be spent. We might not think of time as currency; but we should.

Total Redemption of Resolutions

We need to continually and consistently fix our eyes on the prize so that we know what needs done now, next, and what we can learn from the past as we charge forward.

Redeeming Resolutions

Before you read about why Christians have no business setting New Years Resolutions, hear me out. Why are we so overwhelmed with striking back at our own hypocrisies in the social media craze? Remember, any shortcoming in the body of Christ is yours too since we are one body.