100 x 100 Sprint

This is the beginning of a new era for the Sharp family. We recently welcomed our second daughter, Elliot Elizabeth Paige Sharp, into the family. In addition to the baby, we are also now in the process of transitioning into full-time missionary service with Willing To Go.

3 Reasons You Ought To Read The Space Between Memories

The Space Between Memories embodies a peculiar genre-evading power. This collection of stories from the frontlines of frontier missions ventures along the spectrum of memoirs but remains in the space between memoirs of a life of ministry and ministry itself.

Nicaragua 2016 Report: The Island

Over the next month I am preparing to go again to Nicaragua with a Willing To Go team from January 25 – February 2. You’ve helped with both of these trips. Here is one of a few stories of how God blew my mind on the 2016 trip. If you would like to recieve newsletters like this one in the future click the link at the top of the article.

Do You Desire To Have A Nica Bible?

I just got back from Nicaragua and want to share some Bible insights I gathered from the people there. I noticed that on average the brothers and sisters there treat their physical Bibles different from me.

Chan and Platt Resurface For Wedding Crashers 2

Two former pastors are making waves again but this time it won’t be on the conference circuit. Rumors are adrift in the LA community that David Platt and Francis Chan will be co-starring in a Wedding Crashers sequel.

4 Bible Actions You May Take

It’s been a while since we’ve been in Phillipians, right? Let’s strive for the prize and lay a hold of what He has for us in this letter. Let’s look at 4 Actions that Paul users to encourages the Philippians.

5 Repeating Questions For Expert Listeners

When we see a pattern of miscommunication on a regular basis or we just haven’t given it much that, we should pause and reflect. These 5 suggestive questions will help us do that.

5 Revealing Questions For Work Talk

If we don’t regularly evaluate how we respond to conviction, we let repentance become lip service. Let’s look at 5 more questions that may help us navigate our water cooler conversations.

5 Wow Factors of The Local Church

Some insights gleaned in the aftermath of the flood of 2016 regarding the spectacular activity of the local Church working together on mission…

4 Bible Gardeners You May Need To Meet

What does horticulture have to do with Phillipians 1? The analogy of being filled with the fruit of righteousness is striking to me. How do we get filled?