He Forgets Himself

The following is a poem accompanied with a soundscape. I created this with my friend Jeffrey Jopling in 2012. We created this for my old blog community, Sojourners Indecisive.

Joy to the World

One of my favorite hymns is “Joy to the World”. Why it is saved for the end of the year, every year, I have no idea. We should sing about the coming of Christ every day of our lives! Despite my disdain for that aspect of the tradition, here is our homage to finally getting to sing it.

Joy of the World

Here is our family’s second mini-advent audio devotional. Enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Joy Before The World

Merry Christmas from the Sharps. I hope this will give you all something to gather around as you scrurry through last minute shopping, baking cookies, or snuggling up and binge watching classics on Netflix. Whatever your family tradition may be, we hope you let us be a part of that.