I am a Christian husband and father.  My heart beats for my family, missions, music, writing, and reading. I am currently fulfilling these “additional” roles: construction worker at a local chemical plant, a music teacher, a Bible College student, and an aspiring blogger.

105 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you find it be a rewarding read and view. It does cover a range of subjects, but it never leaves its base for it is how we think. You will find that there is a central theme that talks about and illustrates the thinking process. We perceive, have a thought, think about that thought, then have a feel how we think and then we act. It is now time for me to act; thanks again for following my blog.

  2. Still exploring your posts…good to meet a kindred passion!
    You are Lifted! Thank you for visiting and following Gospelland!

  3. Hello aspiring blogger! You seem to be doing exceptionally well. I have not checked to see how long you’ve been going but you certainly are blessed to attract so many comments.
    I popped by to thank you for following one of my blogs (A purpose-driven achiever). Appreciated.

    May God continue to bless and anoint your efforts for his glory.

    1. Thank you. Yes, right now I’m leaning towards developing a strategy to lead a few short term trips every year with an organization called Willing To Go. I’m also praying to see how my music lessons ministry will overflow into having a more global impact.

  4. Hi James as you can see from my new comment I did not know you had older comments so was upset that mine was deleted because I was looking forward to following you although I’m sorry but because of Computer and Health problems I’m behind in Blogging and have not been able to visit you and others who have joined up with me. I’m very pleased you don’t delete comments like others have done with mine even when I share God’s Truth in Scripture but I apologize for thinking you had and Hope we can still be Christian friends and encourage each other.

    “Christ”ian Love Anne.

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