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This is the beginning of a new era for the Sharp family. We recently welcomed our second daughter, Elliot Elizabeth Paige Sharp, into the family. In addition to the baby, we are also now in the process of transitioning into full-time missionary service with Willing To Go.

100 x 100 Sprint

The campaign we are beginning today is in one sense a race to the finish line. This phase is also the next starting line. We are asking 100 people to pitch in $100 donations. We have spread this out over 10 weeks to allow for incremental giving (i.e. $10 over 10 weeks).

During the next phase I will strive to reach 100% of our family and ministry budgets in 100 days. We want to be raising monthly supporters and finding ministry partners on a full-time basis before 2018. Some of you are already giving both monthly and towards the “War Chest” and some of you have not yet met with me face to face; but that is the ultimate goal. We thank you so much and ask that you help us spread the word and most of all pray for us during these times.

The Ministry Vision and Future Participation

Our desire as a family is to spend our lives taking the name of Jesus where it has not yet been.

Please check out the links below to see how we plan to fulfill this goal and to help mobilize others to do the same. The vision of changed lives is what it is all about! Would you jump on board? Thanks and God bless.

Sharp Family Newsletter

Sign up to receive consistent updates, prayer points, and stories of transformation. We will also distribute the contents of our ministry booklet directly through e-mail. Some of the targeted people groups live in a restricted access country so we will not share that sensitive information so openly on the web.


This link sends partners to a direct link with our family’s account under Willing To Go.




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