The Space Between Memories embodies a peculiar genre-evading power. This collection of stories from the frontlines of frontier missions ventures along the spectrum of memoirs but remains in the space between memoirs of a life of ministry and ministry itself.1f95172206c4aec97027c2dd5d001073_original These memories are strung together with such a poetic vocabulary and vivid story-telling by author, artist, and missionary David Joannes.
Here are 3 positive results (points of personal revival) I experienced while reading the book:
1. Revival of good artistry
Joannes brings his story to life. He begins by pulling you into the pages of the book or Kindle screen past the black and white into the scene. Sometimes you can smell the tobacco and halitosis, sometime you can feel the sting of face slaps by midnight interrogators. But his word power goes beyond this utilitarian factor, it is such beautiful art that it causes astonishing worship to rise up in Christians, especially those of us hungry to achieve and appreciate this level of wordsmithing.
 The Christian community needs even more artists of this caliber.
As someone who has been privileged to speak about the state of the church and the task of the Great Commission, specifically the unreached people groups (UPG) and unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPG), it was inspiring to see this information artfully displayed. There’s a brief history of work in China and a timeline of Joannes’ own involvement but the most faithful aspect is the stitching together of these individual threads so that the reader sees God’s beautiful handiwork, His tapestry of glory.  This work challenges presenters of all kinds to a higher level of excellence especially those in frontier missions.
2. Revival of personal prayer and hunger for God
At every new development of the story, believers are called to prayer. What better thing could be said of a person’s work? This was very warning to me, to know God calls us to pray for people who we do not even know are connected and then He opens our eyes to this network over time.
This book will help you to experience the presence of God in multiple ways. You will be thrust into pray, even into areas of intercession for which you’ve never before considered.
Without listing prayer requests, you learn to seek God’s heart because as the author lays his  own heart bare you begin to see, hear, and feel God’s heartbeat for the nations.
This book works as an advertisement for the glory of God. Joannes, the founder of Within Reach Global speaks not as a spokesperson for his own personal work but rather as a mouthpiece for God who longs to be a pawn on the divine chess set. Joannes simultaneously calls warriors from across enemy lines and gives epic, stirring motivational rally cries for tired and weary vets, time and time again.
3.  Revival of love for family
In addition to his contagious sense of adventure and thirst for life, Joannes makes use of his opportunity to introduce us to his family. Their love story will make your fall in love not just with your spouse but with your own love story all over again. Regardless of parallels or the absence thereof, you will put this book down and reminisce, you will snatch up your little ones and get hugs. You will thank God for your own story.

Thank God for people like this who dedicate time to write books like this about work like this. It’s worth 5 minutes of your day, pretty soon you won’t want to put it down.

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