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Hello friends and family,

I’m finally getting out a report on the Nicaragua 2016 trip. This update is much delayed and for that I must apologize for my lack of communication to you all. You helped send me through prayer, finances, word of mouth, and in other various ways. I am sorry for completely missing the opportunity to share how God powerfully and strategically worked through you all in that trip and in the lives of His children.

Over the next month I am preparing to go again to Nicaragua with a Willing To Go team from January 25 – February 2. c43a0280-94ea-45c7-8f82-f772f78fed18Some
of you are included in this email because you’ve helped with one or both of these trips. Here is one of a few stories of how God blew my mind on the 2016 trip.


Video with scenes from all the locations.
The Island

An island called Zapatera was where we did the eye doc in a box clinic. There are 4 communities which are accessible only by boat, spread out along the edge of the island. Our goal there was two-fold, we wanted to bless these Islanders physically with better eyesight but beyond that we wanted to help spread the Gospel on that island, that spiritual eyes would be opened.

The Person of Peace, Ever (pronounced Everth), told us through Rey, the interpreter, that he desired to start the first Christian Church on Zapatera. This was shocking and inspiring all at once. Ever admitted to us that he knew nothing of being a pastor but that he felt passionately about helping to lead his community to the Lord and to regularly worship together. It is important to know that Ever has known Christ for only a short time; because in a remote access area, such as the Zapatera, the ultimate missional task is to establish a church among the new disciples.

It was awesome to see that the Holy Spirit had already been moving in this man’s heart and the hearts of his family. So naturally, I was not exactly anticipating such an immediate move towards an indigenous church plant. It shows me how faithful, gracious, powerful, and sovereign God is to accomplish His plans and purposes.

Devotional with locals at the dump.

I can’t thank you all enough for doing this work with me. We partnered with God and it was such a privilege to get to see it all firsthand. This is just one example of the many incredible experiences that happened on this trip.

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