14 thoughts on “Will My Daughter Have An Existential Crisis After The Truman Show?

  1. Wow, this is absolutely amazing!!
    I have thought on the same, but never have been able to put it into words – absolutely brilliant!
    This was eye opening, and wonderfully written! 😀
    Great job!! *handclaps*

  2. Hi J.E.S…. I agree that more parental caution is needed. I think the anonymity factor afforded by the Internet can bring out the worst in human nature and thereby increases the number of predators online vs. those creeps we find in the real world. Maybe you could research how those stats compare in a future blog? My advice to parents is the best way you can show your love and pride for your kids is to NOT display their pictures online at all. If you want to share them with relatives, fine. For less than a buck, you could snail mail those snapshots and that way only trustworthy people will see them. Go the “old school” picture frames and photo albums route, too. Better to see your loved ones pics there than on a milk carton… right? PS – I may be out of date… do they still put missing kids’ photos on those cartons? Whatever the case… it’s still a good way to point out that safety comes first.

    1. That’s a good idea for a follow up. I’ll definitely see what I can find.
      As far as prescriptions for parents go, I don’t know what to think of day on it all other than we are living in a crazy and different age and should take these things into account. While I’m very find of all of your buttons and lean more that way I’m also lazy and like keeping up with family via Facebook. I often thank God for it and what it has meant to our huge spread out family. Then there’s also the thought that these things present themselves in other differences of style of parenting too. For example, I am much less social than my wife and I know that with out without social media, we would be having debates on how many times we will be getting out and around folks. The ways we handle this and talk about it strongly impress our kids. We mustn’t ignore that.
      I don’t really know about the cartons pictures.
      Thanks for such a good and detailed response;

  3. Good point-how will this affect and impact these children? What I’m seeing is a bit of narcissism with the selfie phenomenon.
    But I’m guilty as charged! We’ve moved a lot and have both family and friends all over the country. I love children so I’m enjoying seeing them growing up via FaceBook. It helps me stay in touch but they don’t “know” me unless we get to visit in person from time to time.

      1. After I commented, I saw yours about FaceBook. I skype with grandsons, too. My daughter also sends lots of videos and I finally sent one back. So grandson watched it over and over and over! Lol

  4. Another wonderful, thought-provoking post!
    With as many perks that social media allows us, it also comes with a high price tag. And I am not sure we are far enough into all of this to know exactly how much it will actually cost. I have two daughters (20 and 16). Social media and all the other various technologies run rapid in their circles. I fear theirs will be a generation that suffers in real life social scenarios. When my 20 year old actually has to make a phone call, she cringes. She’d rather email than have to have an actual conversation. I see this with so many of our youth. I fear we are becoming more and more individualistic, when we were in actuality made for community. Sigh…deep thoughts here!

    1. Thanks. I’m a little older but out generation is sucked into it. I’ve of the funny things to me is that most of the older people, including my generation and up, that complain about the kids and younger folks are the ones teaching this lifestyle.
      Why wouldn’t a baby or a kid want to know what has our attention all the time?

  5. Interesting point. At some point in our lives, we were all became like Truman and the Kardashians. I think it all boils down to the thought that most, if not all, of us have this unconscious desire of not be forgotten and get an attention.

    I remember a prank Youtube video I watched about a supposedly magician trying to guess the happenings in his unsuspecting victims. As the minutes go by, his correct guesses started blurting confidential information like their credit card details much to the victims’ surprise. Apparently there’s a team of “hackers” searching for their information in various sites as they talk. Obviously all were part of the act (including the victims). But the main point is, be careful of what we post and share because the world can see it.

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