The Right Mirror First
Let’s address our personalities and one of the lies -well, really a half truth- we have bought. This is one of the many lies that keep us from our calling. This is one of the things we let the Enemy, the World, and the Flesh all whisper in our ear when we have a long, hard look in the mirror.

The number one problem is that we aren’t even using the right mirror. No wonder we’re so easily decieved. Our eyes have been averted.

James tells us to use the Word as our mirror. Let God reveal to us the truths about ourselves.

When we talk at this superficial, pop-psychology level we miss out because really people are not all that interesting in their fallen state.

We become more diverse as we are redeemed. We see more of the reflected beauty and glory of God in each other and in ourselves. When we try to fulfill the difficult commands in scripture, like all the one another’s, then we really see that we have to rely on God and His love for His people and our own selves.

The Lie
“People wear me out and that’s just the way it is.”

This lie does not harm introverts alone, it does have at least one counterpart. Here’s why this half truth falls short.

People wear everyone out. Even those who come alive in a crowd.

I didn’t really know this until I married the most extroverted extrovert ever. Then I witnessed this universal truth.

Even though in the moment of busyness when Hanna (my wife) is thriving, there is a time afterward when she will need refreshing. She needs for people to stop relying on her for her to realized she’s drained.

While I’m much different, our same basic problem is that we are not meant to deal with people from our own supply of strength. Whether you may more naturally have a one-on-one approach or you are the life of the party, you still must rely on God’s strength to carry you through all of life.

The Whole Truth
The problem is we think that God designed us in such a way that we handle it this way and you handle it that way. In part that is true but that personality make-up is one of those areas of life that must be submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our discipleship begins and ends here. We don’t depend on our strength for any of it. Well we do. That’s the crux of the problem though.

Nothing But The Truth
When we identify more with the trending and fleeting societal labels than with our spiritual family, we ask for trouble. We should recognize the quirks He made us with become outright flaws when left to our management.

If we didn’t think of our personality types as stronger than the transforming Spirit of God (which raised Christ from the dead) victory may seem closer, within reach.

We are called to be first, then to do. Victory is ours in Christ. We are more than conquerors because we reap the benefits we could never earn.

I may not evangelize in the same way or with as much quality as an extrovert but I’m not going to not talk about my dad. He’s all I really want to talk about, at least that hour I want to be, feel, and live. In Ephesians, I’m told I am to “rub shoulders with” my wife and every other brother and sister and learn from as well as grow in their gifts and vice versa.

We are made in the image of God and God lives as a triune being displaying communion and fellowship to us all. Will you continue to believe that you are NOT meant to carry the weight of fellowship alone? Maybe it’s a good thing that people wear us out. They should.

We aren’t meant to bear these burdens alone and we aren’t meant to handle humanity’s spiritual problems with human solutions. When we come to the end of the rope is often the only time we finally cry out and begin to depend on God. So people may wear down introverts but they also build up, edify, and point us to Christ for God’s glory.

13 thoughts on “Introverts, Have An Honest Look In The Mirror

  1. So good! I am definitely guilty of, like moses, saying ‘God how am I supposed to do what you’ve asked me to?? When I speak to crowds, I freeze up and stutter and embarrass myself!’
    But, He says His grace is sufficient. โค

    Love this post!

  2. I love that you brought up this topic of introvert/extrovert! No matter how much time passes or what circumstances arise, it seems this “wiring” is an excuse—and I cringe to use that word—for our behavior. I love that we have our differences and I love that God is both extrovert and introvert, that He is soft and firm, that He is quiet and loud. I love that we can glimpse His character through others who know and love Him. I believe we need one another to be complete (think body of Christ) and that on our own we are incomplete. As an introvert, I have learned I can’t slink back into my quiet little cave all the time. I have also learned that I do have a role to play in God’s greater story. Hence, I write—my giant step into courageousness, which others may not see as such a big thing. Anyway, rambling…as always.
    Thank you for another wonderful, thought-provoking post! I’m continuously encouraged by you!

  3. Wow! Well done๐Ÿ‘ When you mention identifying personality types MORE than God’s transforming Spirit, and depending on God’s grace when people wear me out. ๐Ÿ‘Œ I have read articles about introverted evangelism, and never found one written this well, and with God in mind. ๐Ÿ‘

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