REDDING, CA – “Enough is enough! You are right. We have been wrong about every single thing always,” says Jesus Way frontman, Ian Johnston. This is the reason for the double header tour. Johnston and crew invite all haters but especially bloggers to come out to a show. The album release and coinciding tour will be called, Please Forgive Us. Deerhead’s single, We Will Be Minimally Shaken, is already available for download.

Since the band, Jesus Way, and music ministry of their home church, Deerhead, clearly only exist to serve the pleasures of the Christian blogosphere, this progression only makes sense. Chris Key, frozen in the Boromir (famous Lord of the Rings) meme pose stated,  “One does not simply refuse to purchase music they know they do not enjoy.”

The artwork will be pictures of self-flagellation to make up for all the many people they have led astray. This is a more subtle, historical approach to  respond to the complaint that previous lyrics were not “theologically rich”.  Singer, Pam Trotter-Smith says, “We knew this time around that it wouldn’t be enough to attempt to stir people’s affections for Jesus, we had to defend every jot and tittle of every lyric with a footnote to its reference in the Westminster Confession.”

That bands are hoping this will help make amends and win these bloggers’ approval as they move forward. They have have gone so far as release the album covers early so that the “White Papers” from each band member regarding the themes in each song could be reviewed in detail even now, long before it is heard.

5 thoughts on “Church Band Announces Tour As Apology to Haters

  1. Interesting. I have never heard of this band and even searched iTunes and found nothing. Any suggestions? I’m curious to check them out. Self-flagellation though? This HAS to be a joke . . .

      1. Hahahaha! I figured. That is why I wanted to do some research! 🙂 Bethel and Jesus Culture are mainly all I listen to, so when I heard of another band out of Redding I was curious. Thanks for clarifying!

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