The following is a poem turned soundscape. I created this with my friend Jeffrey Jopling (narration and much more) in 2012. We created this for my old blog community, Sojourners Indecisive.

He Forgets Himself

Why did I choose to be company?

And how did I choose such company?

Why do I always choose the accompaniment


Why do I love the rattle of the sticks?

Why is my primitive mind so persistently percussively fixed?

Why do the warm chops of the mandolin give me cold chills and the twitch?

Do all musicians have this bad a glitch?

Are we all torn, forlorn within our niche?

What else if nothing will satisfy this itch?

Why have I refused?

I ask at the precipice of this new view.

I recognize my feet fused

one with the ground, never being used,

to the mound on which I’m now glued.

To the mount my eyes are cued.

To the fount my voice attuned

And in this fount, my heart within is imbued

My arms did, they have stay crossed

My brow in knots

My throat in clots in lots of lumps, lost

My eyes glossed

My cheeks embossed

By the raging waters in my heart, tossed

(Unlike the firm tree planted beside a river)

I can stand to become a part of something bigger.

I invest my questions like roots into a soil much richer.

I extend my limbs toward heaven to the great Giver.

I desire to produce fruit,

as sweet as the serenading serrating lute.

Reverberations and scents that suit

the atmosphere with soot, the burnt offering at the Holy foot.

Blessed is the man who lives his life full of bliss

Whose heart when earthly-worn receives the heavenly kiss

This man is blessed, his mind is hurled into the law of the Lord, rather than his own sense

Where he walks, his feet are blessed, when he talks his speech is beset

By his heart which little sways, yet even in his malaise he forgets

Himself . He is living for the Glory of an almighty God who was and is and always is.

Every part of his being is set in servitude. He is at the behest

of God. His song is a powerful psalm and a living…

3 thoughts on “He Forgets Himself

  1. The words are great. I read this before I listened to it. In my head it wad read a lot faster and in the voice of Lecrae. 😄

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