This conversation started with the presupposition that you may eventually wind up “hitting the books” and that there is nothing wrong with that. That problem is when we jump all the steps in between. Microwave societies want immediate everything, including answers.

This is where God is sometimes draws us closer. He’s having us “lean in” to a behold a particular aspect of Him. He’s trying to show us a little bit more of His glory so that we can enjoy Him more in that glory. And this brings Him glory!

Have you considered that? Our Bible reading brings satisfaction to both us and God.

It doesn’t stop there. Even the puzzlers bring Him glory to the two way street of satisfaction is widened at these points.

I believe God uses these moments to call us deeper into relationship with Him. The Trinity is in on display and at work in our hearts and minds.

Some truths burrow deeper into our hearts once they’ve left a path of destruction through our heads.

The Holy Spirit who influenced these words also teaches us their meaning. He is the one who exalts Jesus. In our hearts, Jesus is made alive and we really see Him for who He is. This is worship!

Our eyes are opened to how little, finite, slow of understanding, sinful, forgetful we truly are in light of who God is. The Holy Spirit shows us Holy and perfect God. We see the plan unfurling. We see God’s glorious design to bring mankind back to Himself through the work of Himself in Jesus.

How do we experience this though? Of course, that’s the end to which He’s calling us but it is hard to remember that destination when we’re scratching our heads.

Here are 2 Ways Christian Hedonists Find Joy In Their Bible Confusion before reading other sources.

1. Keep on re-reading.
Take the genre into consideration. This might serve to your advantage. It may clear things up more quickly. The larger context could point you in the right direction.

Am I cutting a letter short? 
Am I jumping into the middle of a thought?
Is this a story? 
Where does this section begin and end.

Maybe you’re reading an entire book and re-reading it and repeating this process and still feeling confused. Are you giving your mind time to consider ask the questions?

Re-read slowly. 
Give some space between readings. 
Pray, meditate, and obsess between readings.
Re-read your questions and make any changes.

2. Ask your spiritual family.
Before you turn to scholars, dead or alive, try asking these ones around you. Seek out the wise counsel of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Don’t think young in age eqauls young in wisdom.
Don’t the opposite.
Don’t settle on one answer. 
Consider all your normal counselors; don’t assume they somehow have great character but no grip on the Bible.

This is part of bearing one another’s burdens. There are many one another’s in the Scriptures that fit snug into this practice. We shouldn’t divorce reading and comprehension from obedience. How can we obey what we can’t know? 

Thank God for His Word and His people. Please share some of your thoughts on this subject.

How has Bible reading and study drawn you closer to God?

How has God drawn you closer to His church through Bible Study?

How have friends helped you in Bible Study in the past?

8 thoughts on “2 Ways Christian Hedonists Find Joy In Their Bible Confusion

  1. 12:20 Midnight finds me reading my scan version of “2 Ways Christian Hedonists Find Joy In….” I choose to explore these 7 words as a beginning .Bible babe. Thank you for the charge for change. #WysWaysofWellness

  2. I’m enjoying your soul-searching blogs, J.E.S… your Online Services are, indeed, spreading His Word. To quote you… “Microwave societies want immediate everything, including answers.” I’m guilty as charged… for I’d love to see our societal ills vanish overnight… if not sooner. I cannot help but wonder how much faster His message would’ve spread had the authors of the Holy Bible been blogging on computers with Internet Access. To quote you, again, “We see God’s glorious design to bring mankind back to Himself through the work of Himself in Jesus.” I now ask you AND your other followers… What do you think? 1. Is humankind making any noticeable progress towards that end / new beginning? 2. Will we see that new beginning in our lifetime? And 3. (if we fail) Might He eventually become so saddened (perhaps even angered by us) that He’ll hire a latter-day Noah… reopen the floodgates… and start the world anew? Considering the goodly percentage of the un-Godly, His mission (at least from a mortal’s perspective) does, indeed, seem daunting. btw… I think it rather intriguing that your initials, JES + US (who follow your blogs) when combined together… all spells out JESUS. This cannot be mere happenstance.

    1. I believe every salvation is God bringing us toward the progress you are talking about.
      He brings us into the work making all things new with Him. We won’t see the completion until the end but we live in light of that.
      Also, I don’t believe He would every go back on His Word and food the earth again. If you are talking about an End Times, Apocalyptic event then we will see an things made new even out of destruction.
      Thanks so much for your energy and passion in your feedback. I love it!

  3. Hi, James.

    Thought you might want to fix this sentence from the post below:

    “Our eyes are opened to how little, finite, slow of understanding, sinful, forgetful we truly are in light of who Goes is.”


  4. When men gather weekly together around the Word — it becomes a powerful source of encouragement and inspiration. I think that my personal devotion time — although important – can be lacking without those personal connections.

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