Making the Call on Calling
The intersection of confirmation for the individual, affirmation of the community, circumstantial supply and demand, and the conscience before the throne of God can make for a dark and confusing period of time in a person’s life. This limbo status can be prolonged unless we make a call.

Each of these four elements is important should not be ignored. We have scriptural foundations for seeking clarity from all of these sources. Sometimes though we are asking for a writing the wall or a prophetic word.

These 4 stations overlap but there is also something of a sequential order to them.

Remember it is God with the other end of the receiver. He’s not beholding to us, to anyone. He loves us. He doesn’t need us, he kneads us because He wants us for His glory. So the beginning and end are His and he stands initially beyond both of those points.

1. Individual Confirmation
My path looks a little chronologically fitting with this list. When I was an unbeliever God used an inner yearning for His Spirit to draw me into relationship with Him.

So when my spirit bore Spirit with the Spirit, this recognition could be called confirmation.

The Word of God became life to me because the Spirit brought me new life.

2. Community Affirmation
Overwhelmed with His plans for me I began to desire growth. Certain areas of spiritual gifting were recognized by other believers, specifically elders in the faith. As I began new ventures or tried my hand at different services, the Holy encouragement was a Godly nod I had not really known.

This was so much more meaningful than a grade, trophy, or applause.

This is an area I believe the church of today really needs some work. As equippers, church leaders need to trapeze congregations to seeking out and drawing out the Spiritual gifts and competencies, to name just two, of their fellow Christian family members, like scouts. Don’t mistake me for saying there is a total lack. I would love to see much more. (Perhaps Good may call me to help bring some solutions to this situation.)

3. Circumstantial Thrust
So many people talk about situations that create leaders but I think this sometimes belittles or situations to  self serving boosters. As Christians, we are seeking out whom God has called us to and as we identify them, we are seeking how we can serve them. Our experiences do help shape us but everything is in the hands of a sovereign God who can take a mold and their it back on a potter’s wheel of He so chooses.

There are other times that we seek a higher, brighter thing to do and ignore the most obvious task God has placed in front of us. This helps perpetuate the  pubescence purgatory of calling.

Calling is often stepping out into the dark with the little bit of candle light and go as far as He sends us for more. Imagine that, we get to let Him worry about the future.

I know that’s way easier said than done and some really hard “no’s” have to make it ask the easy or of our mouths so that we can devote more meaningful time to what we know He had prioritize in our life, even if we don’t feel it in our fickle hearts.

4. God’s Throne
We can talk about principles forever but never get to the true heart of calling. The heart of the matter is the heart of the Father. Calling comes from a being, a personal God to His children.

It is helpful to think about, read, study, and discuss all the elements that are involved but only as far as they lead us to Jesus. A personal point of contact is what we are looking for and what naturally happens.

We need to pick up the call. Obedience is the proper response. We can not let the urgency and running pass us by anymore.

Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit into what He has for you today, right now.

Let’s not need to by trying to figure out what we should be doing instead of getting to know who we should be becoming. Let’s fix our eyes and all of our focus, devotion, and strength on the only one that can redeem us andmake us like Himself.

4 thoughts on “4 Voices That Help When Making The Call on Calling

  1. Well, James, I have read this at least three times already, but I need to keep reading it again and again. So many words of help and hope are in this written graph of purpose. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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