Do you ever wonder why texting is so much more convenient and yet a far less reliable source of communication? Texting is the Trojan horse of information transfer. Yet we all love it! I want to be clear on this fact. Millennials are not the only sufferers of this complex.

The Call – This concept of calling indicates that humans can and will hear God’s voice in some capacity.

Hearing God’s voice – the most obvious medium for this is scripture. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and His revelation to Himself.

And somewhere between these two points, God’s voice and our ears, lies an ambiguous heap of questions.

The written Word – the Scriptures are our spiritual version of text messaging and quite literally the Bible is a text of messages sent by God to us.

How do hearing and reading differ?

Is reading the only means or the primary, penultimate means?

What does it really mean to know the voice of the Shepherd?

Why listen for and to God when I can just read His Word?

Trinitarian Fellowship
Real communion with God involves the entirety of you and Him. Prayerfully reading His Word, hearing His Word is an exercise of discipline which we can grow. It requires a very personal and sacrificial touch which isn’t much at all compared to the sacrifice of the Son on our behalf to be atoned with the Father and enjoying His joy by the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Obviously the true purpose of this post is not to dissect all the nuances of the texting versus calling debate. I’m referring to that debate to draw is into a much more serious conversation about calling. The way that Americans have largely opted for one style of communication is a bit reflective of the way we a approach or spiritual lives, specifically the upward call of God in Jesus in our lives.

Why texting won’t cut it. Here are 2 major problems we face when discerning the call of God and some hints at what we can do about them.

1. Impatient
With the immediacy of connection in today’s world, the same can be seen in the quality of discipleship. We want to opt for this message like we do with our phones but the truth is we don’t actually read these texts.

We don’t want to have to put in the work to ponder what kind of God we must serve who has left us such personal detailed accounts.

We don’t want to wrestle with the Conviction of the Great Teacher, the Holy Spirit, as He illumines for us the text He breathed.

With a text, we can pretend we never really had time to look at it or didn’t realize we have responded.

2. Superficial
We want to opt for emojis not because we’re visual learners but because communication is all about us.

If we have to take the time use words to describe our emotions, we risk investing too much that doesn’t instantaneously gratify us.

We really just like hearing and seeing that we got a text message. It messes with our endorphins. We get high off of this.

If only we knew all the chemical tractions that take place when we hear another’s voice, we might sometimes choose to listen this way.

If only we weren’t concerned with finding the magical verse or phrase of scripture that makes feel goose bumps, we might hear what God is really like. We might begin to fathom that Creator God left us messages and that he intended us to respond to them.

Hopefully, this has given you a few things to think about. What are some practical ways we can start to personally change these habits? I would love to hear (or read) your ideas.

9 thoughts on “2 Problems With Calling When Even Texting Is Old School

  1. I’m super happy you even wrote about this. This is very rare.
    There is one way that we can actually get to know Yeshua on a very deep basis. This is spiritual hearing – actually knowing the voice of Christ inside / accepting the call.
    This is the foundation of the covenant. This is the way in which we become One with The Most High. Yet this is neglected.
    We can have the whole of the written word implanted inside instantaneously along with the knowledge of when and when not to use it in a single attribute, but we don’t want to intimately listen. We pretend to be following by reading, but all the while we keep the Spirit at arms length.

  2. You blogged another goodie, J.E.S. … I’ll post this in my stream of consciousness… my first thought being… if God is calling… we had better take that call and not let it go to voicemail. Secondly… I’ve always thought of texting as a technological step BACKWARDS… worse than the old International Morse Code’s “… — …” (btw… just in case there’s that one reader out of a billion who doesn’t know… that stands for S.O.S.). And texts (no matter what the message may be) are an SOS / distress call… should be our wake-up call… that in our technologically advanced and enhanced world we are not really communicating anymore… well… at least not effectively. Thirdly… I’d much rather hear who I am talking to because I believe no emoticon ever designed can hold a candle to the Grand Design… part of which is the human voice. Fourthly… those cutesy images cannot even come close to capturing the fine nuances of the human voice… where the length of hesitation or even the quickness between words AND tonal inflections / cadence (even exhalations) can and do say far more than the actual words themselves. Fifthly… if you’ll forgive my getting up on my soapbox… texting not only kills off the spoken language… while driving it causes fatalities… true… those accidents are never intentional… but nonetheless… we all should know what that Commandment says about killing. Would some new “commandments”… “Thou Shalt Not Text” AND ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill Off The Spoken Word” be out of order here? I’m not saying these should be carved into a clay tablet… it’s just something that is… or should be… a matter of common sense to us all. Lastly… just because we do have a backward advance in tech… it does not mean we absolutely have to use it… right?

    1. All good points and yes you’re right, we don’t have to use it abusively, excessively, or lazily. People are crying out for a better way and we should be able to show them. I believe the whole problem stems from the refusal to answer the Spiritual call on our lives.
      Thanks so much for this detailed interaction!

  3. Very good post, and timely as we celebrate Easter!
    I’m guilty as charged, texting is a fast way to communicate, but like SOS, it’s abbreviated. Many times after a few texts back and forth, we finally make the call.
    And so it translates to how we want to communicate with God. I love what another commenter said, if God is calling, we don’t want to miss His call or let it do into voicemail. Fortunately, I grew up before cell phones and learned the art of conversation around the dinner table where we invited the Lord to bless our food and conversation. Now to try and teach our grandsons!

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