The issue of calling is too exclusively tied to leadership today. One of the negative results of this is that we don’t have enough personal discussions about calling. We have even fewer talks about answering the call.

One of these adds to our dismal sense of community which is a compilation of the individual tragedies. The other result is an unresponsive, indecisive passive resistance to God’s will in our lives. It is not all as bleak as it sounds though. Here’s why:

Lack of outward affirmation and inward confirmation is often an illusion. The Enemy and the flesh work in tandem to keep us blind to the called life.

We believe the lie that we couldn’t possibly be specially crafted by God for specific functions.

We can’t imagine we are the miracle He set in place. Furthermore, we want to feel like we’re in control.

“If I’m just meant to be a hum drum citizen of no consequence, God’s standards of excellence won’t weigh on me anymore.”

It takes a lot more mental gymnastics to believe these lies and it costs a lot more on our hearts than if we just surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s tug on our hearts and yielded to His whispering, peaceful direction.

Here is what I noticed tonight that might help us better recognize personally and interpersonally some of the areas and purposes to which we’ve been called. It’s the faces we make.

The strange reactions that cause us to come alive are often the indicators.

Knowing when to respond to God’s call might mean we seem crazy to others but it will also sometimes instantly connect us to total strangers.

The great secret of the call may be that there is no secret at all. God just may have designed you and I to respond on a very primal level to the things He’s given and gifted us to accomplish for His glory.

It occurred to me tonight when talking to someone about an upcoming missions trip that my responses are totally unnatural. My friend, fellow Christian, and supporter was hearing me describe some of the more heart breaking scenarios that I had seen on a previous trip and will soon go to visit again. The right reaction should be what she said, “That must be so draining by the time you’re ready to return.”

It hit me that, “Yes it should be.” It wasn’t at all though. I was actually getting all dreamy talking about it.

I took a brief objective view from the other side and realized that this ought be a big deal to me. For me, instead of having the typical knee jerk reactions like repulsiveness, hopelessness, or fear I instead make That Face Though: bright eyes, dimples/ grin lines, curled lip, gritted teeth, and chill bumps.

What about you?
What are some scenarios that cause you to come alive like this?

Might this be your calling?

When some may cringe, do you get all tingly?

Have you been used here before?

Have you been tempted to chock up these occasions to coincidence rather than God’s Providence and the gracious guidance of the indwelling, Comforter, the Holy Spirit?

2 thoughts on “That Face Though: Decoding Calling

  1. WOW! I really like this! Full-time ministry is something that makes me come alive; also, mission, regardless of how draining it may be; also, just speaking with people and giving!

    I certainly have some things to think about. Thank you.

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