If we don’t regularly evaluate how we respond to conviction, we let repentance become lip service. Let’s look at 5 more questions that may help us navigate our water cooler conversations.

Let’s pay special attention to the reactions we give when it is our turn to talk. These don’t just apply to work talk though.

How often have we found ourselves guilty of giving strangers or co-workers more love and respect than our own spouses or children?

These can and should be practiced anywhere and everywhere. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what is being heard when we speak whether in the living room, the gym, playgrounds, offices, tailgates, or around the water cooler.

5 Revealing Questions For Work Talk
Understand and empathize with emotions. Often people are speaking what they truly believe to be sound reasoning but rather how the feel. How many times have you heard, “I just need to vent”?

We can relate with emotions since we’re all emotional humans. So why do we often act like we can’t?

Christians ought not to be known as the local sociopaths. You may think this is extreme but consider how many people comment on our sarcasm and/or cynicism versus or live and action.

It isn’t just the cold, stand off approach that alienated from others hearts. We also pull away and detach when we react rashly with heightened opposing (out in some cases, agreeable) feelings.

Ultimately, we must become vulnerable and reveal our own hearts when given a chance. Here are some questions you might analyze, in order to determine how you might reciprocate:

1. Does this emotion seen justified?

2. Have I felt this way about anything else?

3. How closely are these feelings related to a worldview and what is it?

4. Is the person asking me to respond or hear them out?

5. Am I feigning emotions to come across as empathetic?

4 thoughts on “5 Revealing Questions For Work Talk

  1. I enjoyed your post today, and it got me thinking. What comes out of our mouth is powerful stuff. Whether we are in the heat of a moment or not (emotions), why is it our words are not chosen more carefully? And why is it we justify using what ever words we want to express ourselves? It made me realize that I can pray for those who are not convicted, that they may come to repentance, and that the Lord will convict me of change at the same time.

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