Here are 4 Bible Connections You May Grow In Prayer. Paul prays that he might see the Philippians “abounding still more and more in love”. Paul’s prayers serve as examples but they also teach us a lot about the way we are to live prayerful lives. In this portion, Paul returns to his prayer which he made mention of earlier. This is an earnest plea to God. This is a comfort for the local church.

I made this vlog to coincide with this post. I will be doing this weekly.

Let’s examine the connection between Love and his first end result he seeks which is Real Knowledge:

1. Test
What does real knowledge have to do with love? Our understanding of Jesus and our life in Christ is tested by the trials of life. What we really know to be true and believe is revealed to in the fires.

How we take on prayer, whether by active, aggressive offense or reactive, passive defense, says a lot about how we will live together in unity.

Life tests our trust, while prayer proves it.

When we pray it shows trust in the all-knowing God. What’s smarter than that?

2. Togetherness
Love can be expressed through real knowledge in many ways. The act of showing up, for example, is a sure sign of wisdom to a friend or brother in distress. Contrary to what might be natural, keeping one’s mouth closed in this instance showcases wisdom.

Rather than trying to show knowledge with our words, we show love with our silence. That happens to be our reality much more often we would like to think.

Adversity amongst a Godly community is a witness to the onlooking world. It also draws us closer.

We come out refined and compressed with one another.

3. Targeted Intercession
The most critical way to show real knowledge that I can think of is outward focused prayer. It is through intercessory prayer that love grows in a miraculous way. I’ve alluded to this before but I believe we have to really understand this and live it out.

Talking to the Father about his children should include some listening time.

What happens if someone asks me about my daughter? They questioner is forced to listen because all of a sudden I become really talkative.

Yes, I believe the Father does like this. But no, I rarely take the time to listen. This is a very present conviction with me right now. The few times I’ve listened to God in these times of prayer, I’ve noticed that His Word and words uncover something in me that He is interested in fixing.

4. Twisted Irony

This can only happen when I finally begin to take my eyes off of me. Often it happens to be something He wants to show me about the person that I should be learning.

When Jesus made the famous Sawdust versus Plank parallel, he was pointing to this very ideas of ironic self indictment but on a much broader level. We are more likely to see exactly our own faults. We have selective insight because we have repeatedly, finely tuned so many of our habits to their pitch.

The more we practice right living, the more clearly we see the distinction between right and wrong. But with that same token, we also become magnets of various types of sin when we leave them unchecked.

This leads us to the discussion of discernment which was next in Paul’s prayer. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “4 Bible Connections You May Grow In Prayer

  1. Great writing! I love this “When we pray it shows trust in the all-knowing God. What’s smarter than that?” And I love the part about instead of showing wisdom with words we show love with silence.

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