Baby Bump Sins And Unforgiveness

What if the consequence of your sins resulted in a baby bump? I’m talking about the little sins that we don’t even consider sins. I’m talking about gossip. I’m talking about lying. I’m talking about deep, secret sins that no one knows about. I’m talking about unforgiveness, jealousy, bitterness. What if instead of being able justify these things or keep them private, they were there for all the world to see. What if we carried around a big, ole’ baby bump?

That Face Though: Decoding Calling

The great secret of the call may be that there is no secret at all. God just may have designed you and I to respond on a very primal level to the things He’s given and gifted us to accomplish for His glory.

4 Bible Actions You May Take

It’s been a while since we’ve been in Phillipians, right? Let’s strive for the prize and lay a hold of what He has for us in this letter. Let’s look at 4 Actions that Paul users to encourages the Philippians.

5 Repeating Questions For Expert Listeners

When we see a pattern of miscommunication on a regular basis or we just haven’t given it much that, we should pause and reflect. These 5 suggestive questions will help us do that.

5 Revealing Questions For Work Talk

If we don’t regularly evaluate how we respond to conviction, we let repentance become lip service. Let’s look at 5 more questions that may help us navigate our water cooler conversations.