I have shared this story on social media via a YouCaring page. Here’s a quick video. I wanted to bring this news to the blogosphere with a little more information.

In September 2012, I went to Nicaragua with a small group of Northeast Louisianians and my life is forever changed! I blogged (technically, vlogged) a little about one of the moments in this trip here.

I’ve been ready to go back since I left. Now is the time. Please consider being a part of this journey.

This time I have the chance to visit the beautiful people of Nicaragua with an incredibly faithful and radical missions organization called Willing to Go.

Willing to Go is a missions organization whose purpose is to “gather joyful worshippers for God from every tribe, tongue, and people.

What We’re Doing
During our trip, we will be able to share the Gospel with people in remote areas who don’t often have visitors. We will also be providing a practical service called Eye Doc in a Box“. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We will bring eyeglasses and tools to provide proper prescriptions for people who would not be able to afford this or even have the opportunity.

Can You Help?
If you would like to help meet the financial goal, that would be great!

If you are able to send glasses with us, that would also be great! Just send them to:

James Sharp
225 Francis Avenue, Lot 7
Sterlington, LA 71280

Thank you for partnering with me in this venture. We all would appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Willing To Go: To Nicaragua

  1. Hi from Scotland – how exciting that their visitors are coming with the good news of the gospel and eyeglasses. Have just written your name and mission in our little prayer book – for good rapport and open ears – that you all will delight to do God’s will in this mission and that there will be lasting results, that God’s kingdom will come there. You sound so ready!

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