4 Bible Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask


Food Senses
I’m currently working through Phillipians.

My goal is to digest The Book.

I mean to really chew it up and be totally involved in the process. Sounds gross but it’s essential for spiritual growth.

Eating is an act of worship. Meditating on God’s law is an even more pointed expression of worship. Paul likens the two when he is defining spiritual maturity.

Internalizing to Exercising
Paul compares fundamental understandings with milk and says that there is meat.

However, the meat is reserved for those who are ready to put to use the milk they’ve been given.

Too often, my bible reading has been like picking the shrimp off of the top of my steak. You could even say I’ve done some stirring around in the loaded mahed potatoes on the side. It’s time to cut the steak and taste every morsel.

As a precursor to the continued journey through Phillipians, I’ve given a reflection questions below to help guide us toward obedience.

1. How does internalization lead to externalization?  (To make Him known)

2. How can really we seek God through his word? (To know Him)

3. How is He preparing me (with His Word) to join Him in His work in His world?

4. Does my study always lead to obedience?
If not, why heap more condemnation on myself?

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  1. Good questions to really ask. If we don’t ask the right questions, we won’t get the right answers. Asking relevant questions enhancing our understanding of the Bible. Thanks.

  2. Advanced Research Technology says:

    The study of scripture is like needing to see the forest from the trees. All the little ideas are good, but what’s the big picture. Sometimes to get the big picture we need to burrow into the details.
    There is only one idea in all of scripture: Christ and how to be like Spirited. I wish you success in your study.

  3. Salvageable says:

    May I add a fifth question: what promises are being offered to me that will erase my past disobedience and enable my present obedience? J.

    1. Wow! Good addition. Thanks.

  4. I love this post. I also love the digesting of God’s Word as well. It is the only way God will transform us. I look forward to seeing more from you. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to be more consistent with posts this year. Sharing things from what I’m already reading helps so I’ll keep going through Philippians at least for a while. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. hoojewale says:

    It does not make any Godly sense feeding on the word of God and like each of our mothers will say, “You just consume my food and no one sees the effect on your body”, to a skinny looking child. If the lost world cannot read the scriptures (able to save a lost soul) in our daily lives we deserve to be tongue lashed for the misuse of God’s precious Word for His Word is His very Self. Amen!

    1. Can you please explain more?

  6. hoojewale says:

    If for instance the word of God, as fed to His people in Habakkuk 2:4, is to have any scriptural meaning (Godly), then the digestion of the ‘meat’ must hoist the Godly flag of ‘faith’. Christians who cannot exhibit faith based on the word of God have eaten for nothing, they are, as far as the word of God is concerned, not ‘just’, and that is quite disappointing!

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