Tired of hearing stories where the narrator is the hero? Tired of tailgate meetings or water cooler chats consisting of the weekends’ greatest exploits. It may just be that problem is on our side, Christians.

Interested to hear how we can start getting better in this area of weakness? Here are 3 Ways To Engage Water Cooler Conversations:

1. Be Decisive
If we were really concerned shouldn’t we be moved to help. Do something about it. Engage. Join the conversation.

We have t stop merely looking for a space to be heard or a platform or a soapbox to speak.

You are already part of this conversation by proximity. Don’t have to be passive.

In fact, wartime missionary life demands that we joyfully jump into these talks. Not only, must we be “postured” to engage but we must actually plant our feet into the mess. We must plummet.

2. Repent
One of the problem that arises with writing and/or blogging is that we practitioners come across as experts. A false humility can creep into our words. While we vines others may be reading like out statements with different accents. Like this: “EVEN I have to repent of this.”

Truth is, I struggle with this more than a lot of things I wrote about. Often these blogs come about through personal struggle. It is my nature to be reclusive and not interact with others, especially at work. Then I come across sarcastic even when I do join in; what an indictment!

Too often, all of us, Sent Ones, lose traction by listening in and grumbling, or worse squirming and tuning out.

I usually fall into the last category.  In fact, I often have to repent because I end up mocking.

Even in a light hearted manner, this is not really okay. Humor does not need to come at the cost of another’s expense. This tactic helps us desensitize that person out personality and therefore block or the fact that they are created in the image of God. God forgive me.

3. Listen & Share
Christians should brag on our exploits! This presupposes that we understand  we are the church and not a day of the week. Our faith exploits differ in this; we live joyously, urgently, all out all of the time. I hope that’s not a controversial statement to you. We are supposed to be party-ers!

We should be the ones talking about everyday life like this instead of being national hair ambassadors of Christ. We have to be more than “weekends warriors.”

Enlist. Now. Report for duty. Enjoy life to the fullest.

That’s what He produces in us for Him: His life reflected.

Let’s not be beyond interruption. Listening includes waiting to speak. It also includes genuinely paying attention to the floor of conversation, regardless of all the lies you can pick out.

We’re all liars and sinners and a good listener remembers that even while we were and are that God loves us and sent His Son to die for us. Also, it should go without saying that our end of the dialogue should be a sanctifying agent. We should have a flavor about our speech that hints of our home.

Let’s not be so “relevant” that we don’t reveal Him with all of our lives!

We have a reason to celebrate. We don’t have to wait to celebrate. We can live in such a way that others will ask, “What’s the difference?” So let’s do that.

2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Engage Water Cooler Conversations

  1. Another great post. I am also happy in a reclusive place. I start out great with wonderful intentions on allowing the Lord to use me at work for His glory and then I arrive and begin working and stressing and then grumbling and doing all that I hate and all that I hadn’t planned on doing and feel like a whipped pup and full of regrets and sorrow and feeling that I am sure God is disappointed with me yet again. So, I pick myself up and try again!

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