Willing To Go: To Nicaragua

I have shared this story on social media via a YouCaring page. Here’s a quick video. I wanted to bring this news to the blogosphere with a little more information.

4 Bible Communities You May Unknowingly Belong To

I met with a mentor this morning to discuss Philippians together and God’s specific calling us. We are working through it by internalizing the letter. He pointed out something significant that I totally missed.

4 Bible Prayer Points You May Have Overlooked

This is the second course of our Phillipians meal. Enough with the food metaphors, right? Here are 4 externally focusing points of prayer I have overlooked in the first 4 verses of Phillipians 1, specifically in my prayers.

4 Bible Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

I’m currently working through Phillipians. My goal is to digest the book. I mean to really chew it up and be totally involved in the process. Sounds gross but it’s essential for spiritual growth.

3 Ways To Engage Water Cooler Conversations

Tired of hearing stories where the narrator is the hero? Tired of tailgate meetings or water cooler chats consisting of the weekends’ greatest exploits. It may just be that problem is on our side, Christians.