My last point of emphasis for this conversation about Redeeming Resolutions is Trajectory. A renewed view of redemptive resolutions will affect more than just our futures. It will drive stakes down deeper into the past and will catapult the present further than we could imagine.

This post is all about the eternal thread we are running with which has been string from Heaven and is always calling us higher. How do our decisions affect the future – the forever future? How have they shaped us today? And where did they ever come from?

At the end of this short journey, wouldn’t you love to see a rocket stream from eternity, through history, branching and veering to the ends of the earth o back to heaven for the glory of God.

We are influenced by commitments. We influence others with follow through. Most importantly, we make an eternal difference when our eyes are on the prize, the true goal.

Here are the three areas in which we can think and act differently in 2016. Pay attention to the path they develop:

The way each of these suggestions and principles covers our Past and digs into the rich foundation. From there the Present flourishes rapidly repeating the cycle. And life giving obedience continues to shoot us upward, into the Future like a launching pad.

Think about the cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12.
Think about the rich legacy of the early church fathers and the Reformers.Think about the process paid to translate, mass produce, and distribute the Bible.
Read like your reading Words written in blood because you are!
Cherish the book in a radically new way.
Discover the Bible over your family’s table and see how full we get. Watch us barrel over and actually reach the culture.
Let us be knowledgeable this year.
We should be concerned with Bible illiteracy in the country but much more importantly we should be concerned with where we fall short.
We should start the reformation, revival, revolution, whatever you want to call it in our hearts and homes!
Let us join forces with Wycliffe Translators, the Seed Company, and others who are systematically working campaigns with local churches everywhere to end Bible Poverty. #endbiblepoverty

Think about the blood of our Savior and how He purposefully followed the leading of the Spirit.
Think about how much of His time, even in ministry, was spent in humble servitude.
Think about how confident He was in the Word, even as a boy, and subsequently how clearly Jesus knew his Fathers voice.
Let’s obey like Him.
Let us be hospitable. We offer a bread that only shadows the bread of life. The goal of all of our encounters is glorification of God. Make goals to live each area of life to magnify Jesus.
I’ll be a better father this year so that I can show Jesus is greater than early Fatherhood and that through Him we can experience true son-ship in the Father.
I’ll excel in my education this year so that I can some way(s) show that Jesus is higher and worth more than an education.
Everything that we do can and will show the Father when we live in the Son add sons and daughters.

Think about the way Jesus used strategy.
Think about the numerous books, sermons, and conversations have wondered at His method of multiplication.
Are we willing to die or leave with a “platform” of 120 or less?

Perhaps, in 2016 we won’t call people a platform – you know, something you stand on


Maybe we can worry about spreading His Word with every breath, every action, every decision, so that when we pass into eternity that last transition will be seamless.
We must live in light of eternity.
Life is a vapor, let’s not forget.
Instead of dreading the end, we can live courageously for Christ, racing towards the prize set before us.
He gave us eternal life already. You don’t have to search for a fountain of youth.

1 Corinthians 14:20 “Brethren, do not be children in your thinking; yet in evil be infants, but in your thinking be mature.”

Let us leave a rich legacy.

What about you?
What are some of the fields you all have decided to work on this year?
Have you written then down?
How often will you re-evaluate these goals and are these times scheduled?
How did you come up with them?
How often will you review them?

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Trajectory of Redeemed Resolutions

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    Have a blessed day with your family.

    Best regards Evelyn Goh

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