In keeping with the previous posts in this series, we will view 2016 resolutions with a wartime lens. What do your strategies look like?

Most importantly are they God’s plans you’re asking to see? Are they Redeemed Resolutions?

Are they Total, all-encompassing?
How will all of you (Talent) carry it out?
Where will these plans carry you? What’s the Trajectory?

How should we spend our time this year? We’ve talked about how every area should be spent unto God, for His glory. What is the method payment? Rest assured; it will be spent.

We might not think of time as currency; but we should.

If you have or are in the process of devising strategies for 2016, talent is surely a category. Talents include time, money, skills, and teachability. In a sense most of these can fall right back under that heading of time.

The reason I’ve chosen to categorize it as talent is that we are paid money for our talents or skills (trained or otherwise) and our time. As long as we remain teachable, we remain an asset to make more money, build more skills, and spend potentially less time working. See how they all overlap?

1 Objection

One push back to this may be that the trend is that people are being paid less and less on a time basis and more and more for the completion of projects or productivity. How do I answer this objection?

The whole purpose for this change is that employers get more effectiveness out of employees. It works out well for motivated employees.

But why? Employees desire to redeem their time. To make the most of their time, they rearrange schedules and tend to work in more energetic spurts as opposed to longer drawn out periods that can stifle creativity.

This is more than a financial question or even a time issue.

Our currency is our lives.

We must take ground and survey the damages and profits. We must count the cost. We must fight the fight. Let us not just watch it drift by, lulled into quiet stillness.

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