If we did a word association exercise with “Total” especially after “Resolutions” the results would be quite misleading. For many of you, it probably conjures up images of Christian success gurus.

So to head that off, here’s my disclaimer:

I have nothing to hold against the business mogul types, especially those who are actively pursuing discipling opportunities and teaching others to do the same. This is not a reaction to that segment of Christianity or marketing.

The purpose of this post is to handle these commonplace words with care and measure them against a Biblical response.

Here’s what I am saying should be “Total”; the redemption, not the resolutions. In fact, like everything in life, I think resolutions should change at such a pace that we are never complacent.

We need to continually and consistently fix our eyes on the prize so that we know what needs done now, next, and what we can learn from the past as we charge forward.

Jesus said to consider the cost before we become followers. Have we done that? Or are we satisfied with a status, a name only orientation? In some ways we’ve traded in Jesus’ blueprint of discipleship for something much different.

How do we distinguish between our personal calling to follow him and our Americanized substitutes? Read the bible. Let’s find out what God says. Let’s also be clear, this is a sin problem, a depraved humanity issue. I’m not bashing America. I love this country.
I’m opposing ALL the forms with which we replace God’s word.

This year can be our chance to really spend time finding out what the Bible says and weeding out our own cultural baggage. Let the Bible renew our thinking.

That sacrificial note is what is ringing the loudest to me. I’m considering and reconsidering the costs. My strategies must be His. That degree of lordship often hurts before He heals.

It’s important not to try to be an analyst in this process but to come to God the father as his child and let him do the arranging, cutting, adding and any other unseen work.

A wartime missionary mindset calls for tactical intelligence and teamwork. Dads, as heads of households, let us collaborate with our team and firstly with God. He will go before us. Let us not be smart in our own minds at the expense of being strategic in this spiritual warfield.

Total life transformation covers our heart, body, mind, and strength. This is what God tells us to pursue him with: all of our lives.

This year I’m taking an approach to resolutions that shoots for quality above quantity. I can’t tell you how to adjust your time management or set your spiritual goals. Nor would I want to. I’m only sharing some general questions that guided my 2016 categorized strategy lists.

How much time will my family be on mission TOGETHER?

How am I not currently glorifying God in every area of my life?

Does a banner of Joy wave high over every activity of my life?

To what and whom will I say no and how will I say it?

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