Before you read the plethora of inevitable, forthcoming blogs explaining why Christians have no business setting New Years Resolutions, hear me out.

Why are we so overwhelmed with striking back at our own hypocrisies in the social media craze? Remember, any shortcoming in the body of Christ is yours too since we are one body.

Maybe you are tired of the various pendulum swings of seasonal reaction and non-reaction. Maybe you are looking for a broader conversation. Just maybe, like me, you want to hear a broader range of conversation that takes the time to handle the Words of Jesus seriously. Remember his reminders to read the signs of the times?

Smoke Screens and Pendulum Swings

If you are a church member in America you’ve probably heard some pretty good end of year sermons. The best, in my opinion, resource congregants with Bible reading plans. The tactic for this vision casting has strength in displaying the many “why’s” behind it.

Then there are the biographically-laced, live-with-purpose types including Jonathon Edwards’ list of resolutions. Then there’s the charge forward and rally the troops dynamic. These tend to sprinkle in Habakkuk‘s “make the vision clear, write it down, and speak it out so that they can run with it” summary.

In an increasingly entitlement day, self help is no longer all the rage. In fact, it seems to be on the way out or at least out of touch with Millenials.  In such a drought, some of us might be dying for more practical application in taking charge of our lives. Others of us have heard the Maxwellian laws and read 15,000 list-ical (5 Ways To, 10 Reasons Why, etc.) articles to last us a life time.

I’m not meaning to belittle these things or their inclusion in messages/sermons. Instead, my intention is to turn your head first to your identity in Christ. Introspection has had a bad reputation now though because we don’t often hear the balance of scripture. We hear the extremes because their the loudest. However, the loudest are also usually on the fringes. So we will practice biblical introspection, specifically when it comes to making resolutions and setting goals.

Framing New Questions

  • My main concern is for all disciples, sent ones of God. Do resolutions conflict with your sent-ness?
  • How do we speak of and live out the long haul discipleship commitment in light of changing seasons?
  • Do we just simply pay no heed to “fresh starts” or rhythms of life of the culture to which we’ve been sent?

This series covers 3 areas of difference in a disciple’s approach to New Years Resolutions. Total will be an holistic look at self. Talent will focus on a dependence rather than independence in the community of faith. And Trajectory will show the breadth of goals, especially as it pertains to time.

2 thoughts on “Redeeming Resolutions

  1. I am so happy to see this being addressed! I have always struggled with making a resolution at the start of the year. Part of me used to always feel like rebelling and saying that if I were going to actually make change I would have started immediately upon knowing that change needed to happen. Then other parts of me are torn towards just using the start of the year as another chance to dig deeper in my relationship with God. This year I decided to start reading more word, and I chose Pslams. I have been trying to meditate on what I read and some days I just reread what I read the day before. Instead of it being a marathon to complete the Bible in a year, I am taking my time to really dwell on what it is I’m reading. This feels right for me this year, but it really is the first year I’ve made something of a goal for myself.
    Really looking forward to your perspective and a fresh take on this!!!

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