Irelyn’s Christmas toys make up a large portion of the background music for this track. Enjoy with your families!


It’s here! We’ve been talking about Jesus who is the joy of the world, the hope for all humanity, all creation. He is the sent One who made his path into the home of our hearts before even the world began. Now let’s talk about his sent-ness, how joy came TO the world.

One of my favorite hymns is “Joy to the World”. Why it is saved for the end of the year, every year, I have no idea. We should sing about the coming of Christ to earth, both the past and the coming every day of our lives! Despite my disdain for that aspect of the tradition, here is our homage to finally getting to sing it.

Isaac Watts did something incredible in those verses. This is one of the most missions, all peoples oriented song owned ever! It’s weird how is become this niche holiday tune. It doesn’t even speak of Jesus is his infancy like most Christmas songs. Although, even if it did, we should sing those all the time too. That’s singing about and celebrating the guy, the God-man, Jesus, that our whole life is shaped around worshiping, remember?

He starts inward, a personal invitation into everyone’s hearts. Then he zones out twice to get the big panoramic view. The second verse is how Christ is proclaimed even in all the splendor and beauty of creation. The great crescendo of the song is Christ redeeming the people’s when it says “and makes the nation’s prove, the glories of his righteousness and wonders of his love.”

Repeat the sounding joy!
Even when God may seem silent,
repeat the sounding joy.
Repeat the sounding joy
over the darkness in your lives, that looks over your families.
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.

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