This is the first installment of an audio mini-series, experiment. Merry Christmas from the Sharps. Please enjoy.


Merry Christmas! I hope this will give you all something to gather around as you scrurry through last minute shopping, baking cookies, or snuggling up and binge watching classics on Netflix. Whatever your family tradition may be, we hope you let us be a part of that. From now until Christmas, we’ll look at Jesus’ birth in snapshots. These throwbacks have a missional filter, since he is the original sent one.

The theme of singing is closely tied to this joyous time of year. One reason for that is that we often think of Jesus’ birth as being ushered in with the singing of angels.
Ironically, the Bible never speaks of angels singing yet it speaks of their continual Worship and their crying out to him: Holy Holy Holy. Some speculate that the entire make up of angelic beings are like musical instruments for the glory of God.
I would suggest that we too are built this way. Our throats are wind instruments, our hands and all the rest of the body is percussion and the muscle flaps we call vocal cords are the vibrating strings. That kinda covers the three main categories of instruments. It is God’s design we have been ripping off all this time!

So not only are we made to worship, and made in his image, but this Worship is a reflection of his image. The Trinity is truly and purely God-centered. All three bring glory to each other. This is shown when Jesus is born and even in pre-conception, at the announcement of His coming. How are we proclaiming that He is coming? We know that He is coming again!

4 thoughts on “Joy Before The World

  1. Hi James, Would you mind if I reblogged your posts on ChristianBlessings ( ) or would you consider being a Contributor to ChristianBlessings? I like your blogs because they are practical down to earth and I know many of our readers will be blessed.

    It is our policy to collaborate with others in spreading and teaching the Word, encouraging in the faith and to provide prayer and network support to our partners either for a season or on a longer term basis.

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    Here’s wishing you and family a Merry Christmas and best year for 2016.

    Serving Him with joy

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    1. I would love to be a part of Christian Blessings. Since you mentioned family oriented writing, I would love to do at least a weekly blog on these subjects. Is that OK? Feel free to re-blogged any and all other material. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

      1. Hi James, you are an answer to prayer. I was praying for someone to lead in the category of Christian Family Blog and shall offer it to you. Praise the Lord . Thank you for agreeing to join ChristianBlessings.

        Could you please email me at to discuss the details.

        Joyful and peaceful Christmas
        Evelyn Goh

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