It’s been a while; and the Homiletics class is over. Now I’ll have a little more time for some writing; but until then, here’s to sharing that journey.

This was my New Testament sermon, the second presentation assignment. A few quick notes:
There’s a correction in the YouTube info section to a point that I mistakenly understated (twice).
This video covers the letter of Philemon.
I reference a local ministry, Project 41, For the One, please check that link out.

Please enjoy and give me some feedback. Which would you say you are? A Lover, a Sender, or a Welcomer?

4 thoughts on “Philemon

  1. You did a very good job. I really loved the illustration you gave of your experience in Nicaragua. I also liked the way you talked about changing from being a slave to becoming a brother.
    At the end you did ask if the one listening was ready to be radically changed, which was good. My thoughts on this is maybe in your sermon give some examples of modern life of being changed. Some examples of what it means to be a lover, a sender, and a welcomer. How can this be applied to life today?
    Then I would offer a chance for the listener to go to God to make that change in his/her life.
    Overall it was a very good sermon. I can see that you have done your work and your study to prepare for it and you did not stumble over your words. I believe your interpretation of the book of Philemon was very accurate.
    Keep up the great work! May God use you to touch many lives.

      1. I would probably be most like the senders, then maybe the lovers. I am not great at having people over to my place.
        Another thought I had on your sermon was that you may consider breaking it up into two or three sermons. One for each of the characteristics. When speaking you do not want to speak more than 20-30 minutes at most. Otherwise you will lose the attention of your listeners or they will forget most of what you said. When adding more examples it would extend your time a lot more. I can easily see it being done in a series of three sermons. Remember these are just my thoughts on it. There is no clear cut right or wrong in it. Most of all follow God’s leading in what to say and how to say it. God bless!

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