Strange Noises

Is the worse sound you’ve ever heard an annoying screech? For some it may be much worse, a trigger for anxiety. What if you and your children related church gatherings with bloodcurdling screams?

This is kind of how Old Testament Jews walked away from their “services”. The screams, bleats and coos, from their offerings, cut through the sheets and across the fields. This was the place God met them?

In the churches I’ve come from, there is an intense focus on musical Worship. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that many who weren’t regular attenders probably associated church meetings with shrills and shrieks, too.

After bemoaning distortions in the Pentecost section, I would like to spend more time speaking on some of the praiseworthy values prevalent in some of these circles. One of those values is the intentional space created in Corporate Worship for joint intercessory Worship and prayer.

Man, If Fostered

Sometimes sounds signal something to us. For instance, you’re in a dark room and you hear a door close and the knob turn. Someone is in the room besides you, right?

Not always so, with God. Things are often much different, much less spooky. We do and can sense Him tangibly, at times.

But we are always blessed with His indwelling Spirit. The same Spirit that intercedes through us, affirms God’s nearness to us. He is the comforter who recalled Jesus, the advocate in our lives, so that we too become advocates.

The term presence gets this mysterious, unspoken yet understood hype built around it. Pretty soon it can become a barrier to the meaning and then it erodes into divisiveness between those on the inside and those who never got the memo.

There’s more to this discussion than just language though. And just because a particular subject is found to be misunderstood doesn’t mean we shy away from it, or more importantly, from reach other.

Our understanding of the presence of God and His resulting transformative power in our lives to love and live with others in an understanding way needs to be biblical. It needs to permeate even or definition of discipleship.

After all, discipleship is what we do because it’s who we are. Children of God, followers of Jesus, and catchers of men are who He makes us into, through our worship and obedience to Him.

We will have to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to fulfill this. It’s something we definitely can’t do without Him! Do our songs reflect this? Does our fellowship reflect this?

Manifested Feelings

These two headings play on an argument that we experience God’s manifested presence. I’m not joining that discussion but I am hinting at the faults of overemphasis on this physical reality of God’s presence.

Moreover and again, it doesn’t help our discipleship, which is our whole purpose for existence! I’m not saying we should ignore these matters. We should never get bogged down in them though.

The Presence portion will deal with some of these points of intersection between corporate worship and intercession. Thanks for reading.

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