Man cave? Seriously? Have the cliches worn on you yet? Do you vomit a little when someone says “bromance”.
“Bro time” and hobbies are great even edifying to the church and glorifying to God. It’s this model of excess and shirking responsibilities and other such childish antics that is played up in our day. So what if we transformed this space and do away with the notion of perpetual puberty? What if we find our origins and God’s intentions in His Word and reclaim not just manhood but the places we dwell, work, and play?

These needs (that necessitated the Man Cave) spins from an inherited trait we all have. As humans who were made in God’s image we must understand that God was a “family God,” as in a triune bring. There was communion amongst the three persons of the Trinity before time began. No wonder there is a call back to biblical community.

In this post, I want to shatter a few stereotypes of what it is to be a man and a millennial and present a vision for a new Godly future that is actually the most ancient of pictures. Keeping in line with the the rest of this series, we are establishing ways of life and imagining together what it might look.
So far we’ve discussed how we wake up early like the Proverbs 31:15 of Christ. Our day’s activities start taking on new meaning. We learn to be truly cleaving to God and that never lets us stop praying. Whether walking, driving, clocking in, or kicking off boots at the door, we are becoming intercessors who hold fast to the mission. Even our times of play and recreation are now a beautiful opportunity for glory with these missionary lenses.

Where do we start though? If this is you, you’re not alone. What if our most intense, hardest, and yet most rewarding missionary task is our home, our families? I suspect the concept of a “man cave” would be transformed dramatically. See if you agree.

Genesis 1:27 is the one of the key “go to” passages for understanding all of humanity in our relationship to God, as it was before the fall of man.
This is the part in creation that God “thought” us up. Imagine, the God over everything, His son already slain for every sin (1 Peter 1:20), your name tattooed on His palm (Isaiah 49:16), stitching you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), stopping to verbally acknowledge amongst the Godhead, these will be like us (Genesis 1:26) and they will be for our glory (Isaiah 43:7)!

This is called Imago Dei. We are unique as humans among all creation, in this respect; God so choose to design and construct us is in His own image.

When this truth sinks in, our picture of manhood will drastically change all of our relationships.

No longer will culture dictate that a man has a superficial picture of himself in his prime; or that he spends the first half of life trying to be this and the last half clinging to what was. No! Every season will be fully lived out.

When our picture is that we reflect a God/Man who gave up EVERYTHING to come to earth to save us, suddenly our image isn’t so superficial, but instead increasingly eternal. We wake up and before thanking God for the greatest images of Himself right there in our beds and down the halls, we begin to ask Him for grace, to truly seek His face.

We start out every day with this heavy knowledge that life is a vapor, which then leads us right back into the gratefulness.

We spend more meaningful time with our kids and begin to supernaturally feel and think and pray toward all the others we have any connection with in this same way.
Let’s believe that the radical call, we are to walk worthy of, is not as unattainable and pretty and perfect as we are prone to make it seem. Let us move toward confession and giving Him the messes we make while following in His way. If there are resolves to be made, surely they would be caring for the temple of our homes and perhaps for the first time making our homes His temples.

How’s this for a mancave? A room dedicated to family worship, set apart yet inviting, opened to all guests, the absence of a  huge flat screen, a safe pace to both be with the men in your life that has enough safety, you wouldn’t mind your daughter accidentally walking in. I’m not suggesting do away with hobbies or relationships; that’s the absurd. I’m talking about making a declaration that all these desires be brought under the lordship of Jesus. Based on His book and what he is doing in me and with my family, I have reason to believe it’ll look quite a bit different, more balanced, meaningful, enriched, stable, peaceful, truly joyful than the caricatures we find in pop culture.

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