So far, we’re waking early, walking often, and walking through our vocations in a new spiritually awakened state. You might be thinking:

  • “Where’s the Sabbath?”
  • “What about the rhythm of celebration?”
  • “When will we feast like Jesus?”

After all, He said that this would distinguish His ministry, kingdom, and reign from the fasting of the forerunner cousin, John the Baptist. (Matthew 9:12-15)

Before we get into the discussion of romance, (next week) as a picture of resting in God and being sent and empowered by the Spirit to replicate the life of Jesus through fellowship with Him, I believe that the Father would want us to address the heart issue going on behind this “push back” first. We can’t just keep theologizing it away or dancing around multiple partial answers.

We have developed many ways to maneuver through a Pharisaical lifestyle with a language that looks and sound like Jesus. Wow! What a paradox!

Q. What groups did Jesus repeatedly confront?

A. Pharisees & demons

Here’s the heart issue:

We want to have a works based relationship with God. Many times, we fall into this because we have earthly parents who desire to live vicariously through us, rather than training us up. In these instances, both parties are doomed. Parents become idolators and worship you and you become over-burdened and either also idolize yourself or them and work your whole life to please people and their standards.

Although, this is not my story, I still fall into performance issues and the majority of humanity does. We look at work or vocation as opposed to vacation. We separate everything in life into compartments. As the Christ follower though, we need to recognize the significance in the switching of the days of the week, for the Sabbath.

Under the New Covenant, we begin our week in the rest He has provided for us through His work; whereas, under the Law, we worked towards righteousness by working those 6 days like He did and then taking a break. Remember Jesus saying something like (like = paraphrased), “You missed the whole point! I made the Sabbath for you to serve you not that you would spend yourselves to make it to that day.”(Mark 2:24-27)

Our creativity, productivity, and everything else that has any good in it at all comes from our walking in Newness of Life, from a process. We are told to “be being filled” with the Holy Spirit. Does our fruit represent that? Better yet, do we have fruit? What are calling fruit. Please enter this conversation.

I was told tonight that “rhythm” is not a commonly used word and a kind of stumbling block. I want to take part in redeeming that word. So very soon, I will be sharing a broader context and definition of it, not just for my usage, but for your application. Until then, I will share this helpful video.

I encourage you to pray for God’s perfect timing. When I came upon this particular teaching, I was beginning to see both life and the rhythms of life in a less musical/poetic sense. I was and am continually learning how to listen. Listen to Him sing His song over and through us!

God may we become your working hands, seeking and saving. (Zephaniah 3:16-17)

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