My last post was about the quick drive to work,  how it shapes our prayer, how it shapes us, and then inevitably how prayer changes it all. So here’s another regular prayer rhythm of a sent one. I like to walk in the mornings, maybe once a week.

I’d like to spend this post encouraging and challenging you to join me in this multiple muscle system exercise. I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “prayer walk” used quite loosely; so before I ask you to join me I’ll clarify exactly what it is by giving you 6 examples of what it isn’t.

1. an exercise refined as religious activity

Be honest with yourself.

2. a trade off with God

Don’t begin to think that a sacrificial lifestyle, which is what God has called us to, wouldn’t include prayer. Remember everything we have and are is God’s anyway. We aren’t doing Him a big favor by not stealing.

For me,  I can only go before work which happens to be before the Village is waking. Sometimes we get carried away with the work of missions not seeing that the work flows from our being, our faith. This leads us to add things to our jam packed lives.

Check out this video to see how we can be more intentional with our time.

3. a chance to freak out neighbors

A great definition of evangelism is breaking people’s perception of Christians. Don’t mess up your chance to bring good news later by being business as usual now.

4. a loud elaborate parade

Jesus had a lot to say about the Pharisees that prayed this way. See the preface to The Lord’s Supper.

5. a human display of any sort

Every call, move, urge to prayer comes from a drawing of the Spirit. We’re joining the Great Interceder, Jesus.

Check out this one to stir up your affections for God.

6. another opportunity not to encounter and engage with neighbors we’re called to love as Christ loved us

Look for conversations to erupt and interrupt. Be interruptible as evidences by Jesus repeatedly throughout the Gospels.

So when will you start?

Lemme know where you’re at. Is He calling you to sacrifice an allotted amount of time, a meal, etc? Is he cleaning up your time and realigning your life?

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